Monday, March 22, 2010

The Hats are Finished!!!!!

Abby's Hat
Benjamin's Hat

Samuel's Hat

Judah's Hat 2 sides are different

All Four Hats together!

The Pom Poms were what did me in...I'm gonna get me a pom pom maker! It ain't easy using Cardboard squares! The wheel one I made was I really really need a honest to goodness pom pom maker! The reason Samuel's is different is because I was having trouble making it like the others and got frustrated so found this really neat pattern and just did it that way. I hope all four grandkids love their hats LOL!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Chainless Foundations

Oh my! I love doing the single crochet chainless foundation in crochet! Its saved me time and is much easier than that unsightly pulling with the chains then single crochet on top of the chains.

This blog has all the answers:

Be sure and leave some messages on Theresa's site. Her videos on Youtube are the bomb!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Popcorn Puffy

I'd never done a popcorn stitch before. Had to go to youtube to check out Theresa's video on how to do it. But the pattern is from the book "Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs" by Edie Eckman. It's a library book but I have it in my wishlist on Amazon. I really want this book to be added to my slow growing crochet/knitting library! I used Motif 104 for this. I'm hoping to make another one today using greens in the middle and the same sunflower yellow as in this one just reversed from how this puffy looks. Its a hair short of 6" but when blocked it'll make 6".
These two puffy's are for a granny square swap on The Gathering Room. I hope the person I send it to likes it!

Block a Month Along on Ravelry

I'd fallen behind a bit on my blocks trying to do the on the 9th and 10th I did a couple of them from January Charity Square and February's 6" 6-7-8 square. I used a RH Saver Ombre called HollyBerry and I love it. The colors I am using for my Afghan for each month's squares are Aran, Woodsy (Ombre) and Dk. Green.

This is the Charity Square in its fullness.

This is a close up. I just love this pattern!

Woodsy and Dk. Green February 6-7-8 Square

Aran February 6-7-8 Square

Grandchildren's Hats

The Hats are coming are Abby's and Ben's. Abby's is the Claret and Ben's is the Blues and Greens. Green is his favorite color! These do not have the pom poms on them yet but when I get all 4 hats finished then I will post an update with all 4 with the pom poms. Working on either Judah's or Samuel's right now...will see how it turns out.

Foot Updates

Pictures below are the most recent taken on March 10th. I still can't do a whole lot but I am definitely being prolific with my crocheting. Those items are coming in new posts! I really appreciate your prayers! Thank You!!

Pictures below were taken on the 8th of March...3 days after the fall.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Fall & Sprain

Friday when I was taking my things back to the car from Walmart, my foot went into a broken tile area of the Mall's porch and my ankle went twisted completely. Maintenance got my dad, went to the ER and came home. I'm out of commission to walk with dad and to babysit :( So whats a girl to do? Crochet and do some emails of course! Here are the pictures of where I fell and what my foot looked like on Saturday. I will have pictures later of a couple of the hats I'm working on for my grandchildren. Oh yeah and in between all that I have been sleeping and resting. Its tiring to use the walker and use muscles you didn't know you had either LOL!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March is National Crochet Month!

International too if you check out Ravelry!

Check out this Message on Not Your Granny's Crochet. She has declared it's National Crochet year instead of month! I like her idea....

Took a break from crochet yesterday on March 1. But today I'm itching to pick up my yarn and get busy on the hats for my grandchildren. The pattern is from Crochet World and its called Cool Hats for Happy Kids. The actual pattern I am gonna do is called Big Top Hat. Doing the pompoms are gonna be the fun part because I haven't done pompoms since I was a teenager!

So my friends...Happy National Crochet Month (Year)!