Friday, April 16, 2010

Make your own Canvas Bag

I learned about this from Prayers, Crafts and Life about making your own canvas bag for a $1000 Kroger card giveaway contest. So I went and made my own and you can see it here and go vote for me!

I really enjoyed making this design and I do use canvas bags when I go shopping. Soon I'll make my Fruits and Veggies Mesh bag...maybe this weekend!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Birthday a wee bit early!

I will be 48 years old on April 12th! On Tuesday April 6th for Rook Night we celebrated my birthday. We had Ham, Green Bean Casserole, Fruit Salad, Mashed Potatoes (which I did not have) and Pillsbury Rolls. Then we played 2 games of Rook before opening up my presents. I received: A red and white kitchen set and a gift card to Walmart from Lou, A gift card to Grocery Outlet from Sherri, A bag of Yarn from Aunt VJ one of which is Lion Brand Homespun in blue and a couple of pillows (desperately needed) from my mom. I still plan to get a knitpicks ball winder and some Lion Brand fisherman's wool from Micheals sometime this month as well.

Squares I have done Lately

Two days ago I finished a new to me 12" square called Flower Garden and I have the picture here. I also finished one called Blooming Lace last night but haven't taken the photo yet and when I do I will post it here as well. The flower garden one has 3 butterflies on each side. I don't know if you can see them but the middle is a flower and then at each side it looks like some spaces with a middle loop in them and those are supposed to be the butterflies. The Close up is lighter than the original color which is a Caron One Pound Deep Violet.

I also plan to do two other 12" called Mum's the word and Pineapple Granny.

Block a Month Along on Ravelry

March Ravelry 12"

March Craftster 12"

Here are the new squares so far finished for March. I still have a February Charity one to do yet and then I will start on the ones for April :) Hmmm I know I did the 6" for March as well but can't remember where that pic is at the moment!

Grandchildren enjoyed the Hats!

I'm so sorry I haven't checked in lately. Its been busy here but here are pictures of the grandchildren enjoying their hats the day I gave them to them on March 28th. Benjamin had his birthday first so he got his, then Abby, then Sam then Judah even though their birth order is Abby, Ben, Sam and Judah. I gave Sam his before Judah because Judah was nursing and wouldn't understand so Sam got his first even though Judah's birthday is in April and Sam's is in May.

They all loved their hats and I think they got to use them when in NC last week to see their dad graduate from Boot Camp. Jon is now in VA for more training and the family is back home. They were happy to Celebrate Easter and Jesus with Daddy!