Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dyeing Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool!

Oh My Gosh! I had a BLAST doing all this! 4 weeks ago I took a whole day and half to wrap the whole skein of Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool on my ironing board legs upside down in a figure 8 and then tied it off with some acrylic yarns. Between Life and other things I didn't get around to getting them dyed until yesterday. Enjoy the Photos! I know I'll make something scrumptious with the yarn when I get around to it!

Now the Particulars:

14 Lemonade Packets
7 Orange Packets
7 Lemon Lime Packets
2 Watermelon Kiwi with 4 Cherry Packets
Made up the Koolaid Packets in the 2qt jars 2 hours ahead of time
Soaked the Yarn for 1.5 hours.
Put Yarns into Jars and covered with Saran Wrap to keep the yarn from drying out.
Poured water between jars in waterbath canner
Turned on stove and kept at Medium 1 hour, then down to Low for another 2.5 hours. Total hours cooked 3.5 hours.
Turned off stove and left in jars to cool overnight putting a square pyrex glass lid on top of saran wrap to keep moisture in.
Carefully took out this morning, put in plastic tub and then transferred to kitchen sink and rinsed out carefully. No colors leached out other than the milky white residue left from the yellow lemonade. Put in towel and carefully pressed all water out as much as possible with hands, then took to bathroom stepped on it carefully to get more water out and hung to dry on shower head.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Judith's Shawl

Its finished! Started June 17th, Finished July 5th. I love it, nice and soft, drapes well and will keep her warm this winter.

My Best friend Judith is turning 65 later this month and I felt she deserved something spectacular to celebrate that milestone. So I made her a shawl in Vanna's Choice Denium Mist and Seaspray Mist.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

May Your day be full of Fun and Blessings!!

I am heading to church in a while and we are having icecream sandwiches after church then I'll come home, have a wee bit of lunch and bike over with some snacks to the park where I hope to see my daughter, son in law and grandson Jamie. They are having some fun stuff going on at the park. Then later tonight I'll be at my folks house watching the fireworks from their back porch.