Sunday, February 28, 2010


I won all 3 events I entered in and got my Badges of Honor!!

I finished the hat for my mom first, then the doggy Bartje and last the baby pants!

Baby Pants is Finished!!!

After I finished doing my digital scrapping and being on the computer for most of the day, I sat down to finish the baby pants and got them done just before Midnight. They are definitely too big for Jamie but thats okay...I'm already working on a smaller version of the same pants in Caron's Simply Soft Chocolate for him!

The legs look uneven but they are not. The stitches are the same in both legs.

Digital Scrapping

I LOVE to Digital Scrap and have been doing so for almost 3 years. Yesterday I sat at the computer and made this gorgeous layout for a swap called Swap Crop on Scrap Girls for a friend that I met in 2008 at the Scrap Girls Convention. She's a hoot and I love her! So I thought I'd share with you the layout that I made for her and for you to enjoy!

The journaling written by Sandi is as follows:

Changing seasons, the sun going down at night and then rising to a new day. So goes our lives. Sometimes its time to end a stage of life, to let the sun set on old things, ways, relationships, habits and attitudes. And in the night that follows the setting of the sun, there is rest and quiet and restoration of the spirit. And then comes dawn, sometimes creeping up on us with a slow transition, and at other times blazing forth, with blinding light in the new day.

This is one of the greatest things in my life- the acceptance of change, the welcome of the rest after a trying time, and the anticipation of a new day, the dawning of a new phase of my life. I am invigorated by the changes coming over me. I am filled with hope. I love most, these times of awakening after a time of struggle.

My Youngest Grandson Jamie

Decided ya'll should have a chance to see my youngest grandson. I so enjoy babysitting him 4 days a week! He's finally gotten to the point where he can sit up and balance himself now at almost 6 months. Jamie has the most gorgeous blue green eyes you've seen. He smiles real big when you talk to him especially after he first wakes up. Its hard to have a camera on hand then. He knows the sound of Nana's camera and I have a hard time getting him to smile when he knows he's getting his pic taken. I'll keep trying though!

Baby Pants Half Done!

Thursday I had a day off from babysitting and spent most of the day working on the baby pants. These are shaping up too big for Jamie but may or may not fit my other grandson Judah.

Monday, February 22, 2010

For Great Neice Melody

I have had this Terryspun yarn from Lion Brand since 2006 and not known what to do with it since I only have 3 skeins and each is a different color. Finally decided to make my coming Great Neice Melody a blanket out of it that can also double as a bath towel if needed.

Happy Birthday Mom!

These photos were when I made it. I had to wait until Sunday February 21 to give them to her and her birthday was on the 19th. Poor mom wasn't feeling good that day.

Mom Totally LOVED and adored her hat!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I received the Sunshine Award!

Sandy over at Sunflowrzcrochet gave me a lovely award today... the Sunshine Award!! She passed it on to 12 people and I was one of them. I am thrilled and honored, Sandy, Thank you so much! Here is how the award works:

The Sunshine Blog Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blog world. The rules for accepting the award are:

1. Put the logo on your blog or within your post.

2. Pass the award to 12 bloggers.

3. Link the nominees within your post.

4. Let them know they received this award by commenting on their blog.

5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

My 12 picks are:

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Bartje Puppy

Today is my Mom's birthday. Unfortunatly she wasn't feeling good for me to give her her gift today. So I am hoping to do tomorrow and when I do I'll get pics and post them. Other news...I finished my Bartje Puppy tonight! Whoo Hoo...Started working on him on the 13th and finished him tonight. The pattern is on Ravelry. The Author of the pattern is Alexandra Boonstra. I just love how this came out. He's smaller than he looks in the photos. Bartje is 5.25" high and the heart is 2.5" long and wide both. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lion Brand Simply Sublime Shawl

I began working on this Wednesday Feb 10th because I had been meaning to do this since 2006! Actually I started my own shawl with this Baroque Homespun in 2006 but gave up on it I think because I had the wrong size hook then at that time and other things captured my interest. So the 3 skeins sat in the plastic tub waiting for me to finish a shawl since then. I ripped out (aka frogged) the shawl that I had begun back then and using this pattern that I like started working on it. Oh my goodness, its so easy and quick to do. This is how far I've gotten so far since I started. I put it aside for Ravelympics but plan to work on it in between projects when my hands need a break from the F hook! This one uses a K hook which is really nice! The pictures show how far it has gone and a close up on the edge.


Happy Valentine's Day!

(forgive...everything is upside down, so start at the bottom and read towards the top if you wish!)

Late Saturday Night: Started my Bartje Little Big Heart Amigurumi. Got up to Row 7 on the head before calling it quits for the night as I was getting very sleepy.

To give my hands a break I worked on a head hugger pattern from Vallie's Kids that I thought would work for my granddaughter Abby. The first time I worked on it I made the back part too short so ripped out the hdc and added more dc's until I felt it was long enough at 8" then started adding the hdc for the head hugger part. Did 2 rows of hdc and decided to give it a break, starting on my Bartje Amigurumi.

Saturday: I worked on the Baby Pants but ripped out row 11 until I got it right 3x. Started Row 12 (5 stitches) and decided to take a break.

Friday: During the beginning of the Ravelympics I cast on for the baby pants but didn't get very far.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ramblings and the Olympics!

No Pictures Tonight. But thought I'd update ya'll on whats been going on. Monday I babysat my grandson and had a blast. Frogged an old shawl I started in 2006 monday night and started crocheting Lion Brand's Simply Sublime Shawl in Baroque Homespun. Its coming along nicely after 3.5 days and already on the 2nd skein of yarn. Its supposed to take 3 but we'll see. Its for me as I had planned that years ago. After this is finished, I will also have finished other projects.

How? Ravelry is having their Ravelympics during the Olympic Games and I'm planning to start and finish 2 projects. One is Baby Pants in white for my grandson Jamie (Daughter Layna's request) and a Puppy with heart Amigurumi. I don't know yet who it will be for. I have birthdays coming up for the older 4 grandchildren...2 in March, one in April and one in May. Jamie's isn't until September. Whew, I'll have to do some fast crocheting to make gifts for the grands but I think I can do it! Just haven't decided what to make yet! I think Abby will get a little purse and hat if I have time for the hat, a hat for Ben, something for Judah and something for Sam.

I hope you all will enjoy the Olympics just as much as I know I will!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

January CAL 6" and 12"

These Patterns and Yarns are the beginning of my 2010 Crochet Block A Month Crochet A Long (CAL). When finished this Afghan will be a bit bigger than my twin size bed with enough room to hang down a bit on each side and cover up the pillows nicely at the top.

Yesterday I sat down to crochet these beauties! I did the 6" Little Dahlia first with the center in Hunter Green and the outside in Aran.

Then I did the second one in Aran, Multicolor Woodsy and Aran.

The 12" Ravelry which was the E-Zee V-Zee Granny was done in Hunter Green, Aran, Woodsy, Aran, HG and Aran. I've never done a 12" before so I was surprised at how long it took and how big it looks.

I plan to do 2 more (one each) of the Little Dahlia as above to round out the January CAL Squares. I also plan to do the January 12" Craftster which I might start today. Then to catch up on the February squares.
You can find the patterns and more about all of this on the Ravelry site.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Newest Gift Creations

The Lion Brand 100% Cotton Thick and Quick in Salt and Pepper crocheted single crochet with an S (size 11) wooden hook for Sherri's birthday gift. Loved doing it....however, I think next time I'll make it with an N hook to see how it turns out. Fortunatly I only have a wee bit left and this has been discontinued by Lion Brand.

Sherri lovin' the new washcloth!

My Mom's gift...a washcloth and facial scrubber.

My Mom, Donna lovin' the crocheted facial scrubber I made for her.

A pair of eyelash yarn in fingerless gloves and scarf she received from my Aunt VJ.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Miss Monkey is Finished!

Before Legs, Skirt and tail are added with finishing touches.

After Skirt, Legs and tail are added before finishing touches.

After Final touches added...below. 1. In all her Glory. 2. Closeup. 3. You can see the tail. 4. Barely can see the tail...well hidden!

Pattern from Amigurumi World: Seriously Cute Crochet.

I didn't follow the pattern totally for the little monkey girl and added a few liberties of my own but I'm proud of this accomplishment!