Sunday, February 14, 2010


Happy Valentine's Day!

(forgive...everything is upside down, so start at the bottom and read towards the top if you wish!)

Late Saturday Night: Started my Bartje Little Big Heart Amigurumi. Got up to Row 7 on the head before calling it quits for the night as I was getting very sleepy.

To give my hands a break I worked on a head hugger pattern from Vallie's Kids that I thought would work for my granddaughter Abby. The first time I worked on it I made the back part too short so ripped out the hdc and added more dc's until I felt it was long enough at 8" then started adding the hdc for the head hugger part. Did 2 rows of hdc and decided to give it a break, starting on my Bartje Amigurumi.

Saturday: I worked on the Baby Pants but ripped out row 11 until I got it right 3x. Started Row 12 (5 stitches) and decided to take a break.

Friday: During the beginning of the Ravelympics I cast on for the baby pants but didn't get very far.

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