Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I am so Sorry!

I have been away a LONG time! But my crochet time is limited as well as my computer time. Today I am getting a wee breather. My daughter is living with me temporarily and I have had my grandson with me full time since September 11th. Since I have been taking care of him 95% of the time, you can guess where my time goes. My crochet time is limited to when Jamie is sleeping or napping. I am also to be found on Ravelry when I can get some computer time as well.

With the Holidays upon us and my needing to do gifts, I doubt I'll be making a post as often as I wish. I'll try one here and there and Lord Willing, can come back more often in the new year.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Giveaway on Creative Crochet Blog!

International Crochet Day is September 12th. Creative Crochet is having a Giveaway of 4 books! Go and take a gander over there!!

She's got an awesome site!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The reason I haven't been around....

is because I have been babysitting my grandson Jamie a lot lately!

Layna with Jamie in Umpqua River

Jamie enjoying the Water

Having fun on a HOT day!

in spite of having a summer cold....

running away from Nana with a bottle of water!

More Pink & Brown Squares

I finished 3 more squares and mailed them off....

Close up of Chevron Pattern (byhook on Ravelry)

Chevron Square
Cats Claw Square
Close up of Cats Claw Square
Dream Catcher Square
Dream Catcher Square Close up

Monday, August 16, 2010

Vanna's Choice Pink & Brown Swap on Ravelry

I love using VC yarns and am slowly building my stash. But I thought You'd like to see the squares I have made so far and mailed out. I'll be working on some more this week! ( No hooky time this past weekend as you can see from an earlier post!)

June Craftster Pattern

Granny Square

Geometric 12" Smoothfox Pattern

Dilly Dahlia (Friend's Pattern)

Priscilla Hewitt Nosegay

Priscilla Hewitt Nosegay Closeup

Blog Giveaways!

Okay will somebody hold my hand and help me step by step on how to put the blogs I love the most including those doing giveaways in a sidebar????

Now....the Goodies!
A couple of friends of mine are doing blog giveaways!

Crochetin' in Georgia has a Cock-a-doodle potholder giveaway!

The Crafty Witch is having a rainbow wristlet and mobile phone pouch giveaway! Her site is in Dutch but you can get Google to translate it for you if you wish. She does put some English in there as well.

BUSY Weekend!

Oh man! Was I ever busy this weekend and this Monday morning I'm pretty worn out! Here is the reason! I had Jamie from Friday evening until late late Sunday night. Man, I'm glad that little one sleeps through the night although I didn't get much sleep! Its the first time I've had him overnight since he was born and its like being a first time mom all over again but I sure enjoyed it and I know there will be much more times I'll have him over. I need to beef up on toys for Jamie!

Jamie looking at the pictures in the picture bible

Silly Face!

Happy as a clam! Feet covered because he keeps scratching his eczema until it was bloody. Only thing I could think of was to wrap them to keep him from scratching....shades of his mama! She did the same thing as a child too! Thank goodness she's outgrown most of it!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dyeing Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool!

Oh My Gosh! I had a BLAST doing all this! 4 weeks ago I took a whole day and half to wrap the whole skein of Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool on my ironing board legs upside down in a figure 8 and then tied it off with some acrylic yarns. Between Life and other things I didn't get around to getting them dyed until yesterday. Enjoy the Photos! I know I'll make something scrumptious with the yarn when I get around to it!

Now the Particulars:

14 Lemonade Packets
7 Orange Packets
7 Lemon Lime Packets
2 Watermelon Kiwi with 4 Cherry Packets
Made up the Koolaid Packets in the 2qt jars 2 hours ahead of time
Soaked the Yarn for 1.5 hours.
Put Yarns into Jars and covered with Saran Wrap to keep the yarn from drying out.
Poured water between jars in waterbath canner
Turned on stove and kept at Medium 1 hour, then down to Low for another 2.5 hours. Total hours cooked 3.5 hours.
Turned off stove and left in jars to cool overnight putting a square pyrex glass lid on top of saran wrap to keep moisture in.
Carefully took out this morning, put in plastic tub and then transferred to kitchen sink and rinsed out carefully. No colors leached out other than the milky white residue left from the yellow lemonade. Put in towel and carefully pressed all water out as much as possible with hands, then took to bathroom stepped on it carefully to get more water out and hung to dry on shower head.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Judith's Shawl

Its finished! Started June 17th, Finished July 5th. I love it, nice and soft, drapes well and will keep her warm this winter.

My Best friend Judith is turning 65 later this month and I felt she deserved something spectacular to celebrate that milestone. So I made her a shawl in Vanna's Choice Denium Mist and Seaspray Mist.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

May Your day be full of Fun and Blessings!!

I am heading to church in a while and we are having icecream sandwiches after church then I'll come home, have a wee bit of lunch and bike over with some snacks to the park where I hope to see my daughter, son in law and grandson Jamie. They are having some fun stuff going on at the park. Then later tonight I'll be at my folks house watching the fireworks from their back porch.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Changing Colors & Drawing in Yarn Tails As You Go

This is a Fabulous YouTube of how to do it and less messy. I'm definitely gonna adopt this!

Changing Colors & Drawing in Yarn Tails as you Go

Golden "50th" Anniversary to my Parents

This photo is of my children and grandchildren. My youngest is Layna and her husband Mike with grandson Jamie. My oldest is Bekah with her husband Jon and their 4 Abby, Ben, Sam and Judah (by age). I am in there as well behind Abby and Ben :D

The Cake

Cutting the cake

Dad eating his bite

Mom eating her bite

Happy 50th Anniversary Mom & Dad!

It was a WONDERFUL Celebration! We had unexpected family come and even friends we hadn't seen in over 18 years (for my folks) and 14 years for me. It was Wonderful! We even had plenty of food left over. My sister and her girls plus me and even both parents pitched in a wee everything ready for when people started showing up for the open house. My Oldest daughter Rebekah and her family came and she went and got her little sister and her family so my girls and their families were there as well as my 5 grandchildren. They were the only great grandchildren of Dad and Mom's 8 greats that were there to celebrate! I hope my parents get another 30 years with us at least Lord Willing!