Sunday, August 29, 2010

The reason I haven't been around....

is because I have been babysitting my grandson Jamie a lot lately!

Layna with Jamie in Umpqua River

Jamie enjoying the Water

Having fun on a HOT day!

in spite of having a summer cold....

running away from Nana with a bottle of water!


  1. I wondered where you were... so glad to hear all is well. Jamie sure is a cutie!

  2. Oh, how blessed you are having such an adorable little baby boy of a grandson - he's just too sweet. I love watching little babies and children - they are most entertaining. Sadly, I'll probably never be a grandma, so I have to rejoyce in other folks little ones and yours shure is precious!

    Enjoy him - time goes by all to quickly!

    Kind Regards,
    Doris (and Gizzy)