Monday, August 16, 2010

BUSY Weekend!

Oh man! Was I ever busy this weekend and this Monday morning I'm pretty worn out! Here is the reason! I had Jamie from Friday evening until late late Sunday night. Man, I'm glad that little one sleeps through the night although I didn't get much sleep! Its the first time I've had him overnight since he was born and its like being a first time mom all over again but I sure enjoyed it and I know there will be much more times I'll have him over. I need to beef up on toys for Jamie!

Jamie looking at the pictures in the picture bible

Silly Face!

Happy as a clam! Feet covered because he keeps scratching his eczema until it was bloody. Only thing I could think of was to wrap them to keep him from scratching....shades of his mama! She did the same thing as a child too! Thank goodness she's outgrown most of it!

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