Sunday, June 27, 2010

Golden "50th" Anniversary to my Parents

This photo is of my children and grandchildren. My youngest is Layna and her husband Mike with grandson Jamie. My oldest is Bekah with her husband Jon and their 4 Abby, Ben, Sam and Judah (by age). I am in there as well behind Abby and Ben :D

The Cake

Cutting the cake

Dad eating his bite

Mom eating her bite

Happy 50th Anniversary Mom & Dad!

It was a WONDERFUL Celebration! We had unexpected family come and even friends we hadn't seen in over 18 years (for my folks) and 14 years for me. It was Wonderful! We even had plenty of food left over. My sister and her girls plus me and even both parents pitched in a wee everything ready for when people started showing up for the open house. My Oldest daughter Rebekah and her family came and she went and got her little sister and her family so my girls and their families were there as well as my 5 grandchildren. They were the only great grandchildren of Dad and Mom's 8 greats that were there to celebrate! I hope my parents get another 30 years with us at least Lord Willing!

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