Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm in Crochet! Magazine

Boy was I totally surprised this morning to read that my comment on the digital edition of Crochet! Magazine was put in! Go and check it out!!

Crochet! Magazine: From Our Readers

Doing the Happy Dance!!


  1. Just in case the Link does not work for you this is what I posted:

    Dear Editor,

    I absolutely love Crochet! magazine and am glad I got the subscription via digital means. It's wonderful to be able to go back and browse the back issues and get the Web bonuses. I usually find myself with far too many patterns to choose! After a three and a half year hiatus, I was happy to pick up crocheting again last December and have been going full blast ever since. I have learned how to read patterns (finally!) and will be making my first ever garment after I finish the Mother's Day gifts of shawls for my mom and my two grown daughters. Thank you for putting out a wonderfully superb magazine! --Vaughnde

  2. Clap, clap, clap!!! Congratulations! Hugs! God Bless!

  3. wow!!!! thats so awesome!so amazing to see yourself in print, so to speak. I also subscribe to crochet!

  4. Way to go, V. That's awesome news!!

  5. Thank you for stopping by.
    Isn't it nice when you get your say printed in a magazine. I know the feeling you are experiencing!
    Well done to you.
    Have you tried
    for Inside Crochet.
    Worth having a look at.
    Digitally purchase you know what I'm talking about.
    Even great for basic beginnefrs.
    Hugs to you and have a good weekend
    Love Suex
    Thanks for your kind comments.