Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh My How Time Flies!!!

I cannot believe my last post was Feb 2nd!

Things have been very busy in the Nana household!! Jamie is growing tall faster than he can keep eating and he is such an active little man! He's also cutting more teeth and starting to say more words. His new words lately have been 'uck' for Duck (Thanks to Grandma! [my mom]), Yes, 'ephan' for his new elephant we picked up for him a couple days ago.

My crocheting??? Well in March I finished up some yarn dyeing, felting for the first time and I felted a Bowl, a purse and working on a little bitty bag for someone special.

I also finished up my granddaughter's afghan that was supposed to have been finished for Christmas but she'll get it later this summer for next Winter. It took 6 days from the time I counted stitches to figure out an even number for all the 12" squares and then using Attic24's Join as You go to put them together, add a border and then a second border with picot added. Its totally finished.

Now to get busy on the Boys' afghans! LOL.....I'm gonna take a few days break, maybe work on a small project in the meantime.

Anyhow here is the Afghan for Abby!


  1. Hi there ,found you through blog hopping and am so glad I did!I learned crochet last year and have only made cushions and blankets so far. thankyou so much for sharing your patterns.well bye for now,take care,julie.xxxx

  2. Hi there,

    I am not sure how to contact you. Haven't seen you around Ravelry in forver and wondering if you are ok!!

  3. mom, u need to update major on here. Jamie can say almost full sentances now compared to half words.

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  5. Oh what a lovely afghan and in such fabulous colours. Glad its not just me who looks at her blog and realises its been 3 months since the last post! :)

    Good to hear you are all well and busy.

    O. xx