Saturday, May 15, 2010

14 Point Afghan

I was testing this Pattern for Donna at SmoothFox and I'm sure she will have it up soon. I finished it to my satisfaction last night after working feverishly on it since Mother's Day. Unfortunately my Walmart no longer carries the Carrot colored Red Heart Yarn so I had to subsitute a couple of other yarns....the row after the carrot color is called Wood Brown and it has a reddish tone, then the one right after that is Dark Brown and I think it came out fabulous! Its a wonderful lap Afghan and one could go bigger if one wanted. I just decided to stop right there :)

Round 19

Round 28 Last bit of Carrot Color

Round 28 Last Bit of Carrot Color

Final Round at Round 31 in Gold

Original Colors: Carrot, Gold, Warm Brown

2 extra colors added at end: Wood Brown and Dark Brown


  1. How fun to see so many photos of your handiwork, Vaughnde! You are a very talented stitcher. Lovely pieces! :D

  2. just beautiful I love the coloring... :)