Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

The shawls are finished! Rebekah's was sent to her and she loved it! I finished mine Saturday night just in time to wear to church on Sunday. Mom and Layna received theirs Sunday afternoon at my house and I received the most beautiful Purple Doily my mom made with no pattern just from her head!

4 Generations
Front Row: Layna & Jamie
Back Row: Mom and me

My Purple Doily

My shawl

Layna's Shawl

Mom's Shawl

Rebekah's Shawl

My youngest grandson Jamie loved his mama's shawl so much he was chewing on it! Layna was happy to find out that her shawl was throw in the wash and dry in the dryer. Bekah's, Layna's and My shawls are all Vanna's Choice in Seagreen Mist, Denium Mist and Purple Mist. Mom's Shawl was made with Jarbo Garn Duo a wonderful #5 bulky from Sweden purchased at Middleford Yarn and Stitchery in Medford Oregon. They have other colors too so I do plan to buy more of this type of yarn from them in the future....hmmm maybe for slippers or socks as this yarn must be handwash and lay flat to dry.

I had a wonderful Mother's Day and I hope ya'll did too!


  1. Vaughnde I was gonna ask where you had been, but now I know... you've been busy crocheting! All those shawls are just beautiful! Hope you are doing well, I've missed your posts :)

  2. Doing well. I am walking again albeit a bit with a limp yet. Hoping to be able to graduate to a cane full time by next week. Some days are better than others. Right now I'm doing a test crochet for Donna aka Smoothfox :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by the garden. What lovely shawls you have here my dear. Very delish work and fancy.

    I'm going for broke on the Mystery Grab Bag over at 25 skeins, each different for 80.00. That's less that 3.25, so we shall see what comes. You can request a certain palette, which was the attractive part to me. I shall post what come when it gets here. Oh, how I wish Mr. Brown would arrive today, but I'm thinking not.


  4. Oh how beautiful the Shawls are V!!! You did an awesome job! I hope you are feeling better soon!!

  5. The shawls are wonderful! After i get through the scarf craze, I might just make one.

  6. Wow, those are all very nice shawls! I went through a shawl phase a while back. I love crocheting them. They're faster than afghans, but I love afghans too. It just takes a lot of time before you get that satisfaction of a finished project.

    My favorite shawl pattern is Doris Chan's All-Shawl. Is that what you used for Layna's shawl? It looks like it without the border.

  7. No but I do have the pattern for the All shawl. Layna's shawl was just a sketch of symbols on how to do the shawl similiar to the Eva shawl but not quite the Eva shawl. Rebekah's is the Magnificent Mantle, Mom's and Mine are the Bow Tie Pi shawl.